is now running the commit that will likely become v1.4.4. bye bye spinny texts

@djsundog i dunno. Is that important? I just included it on the page for giggles

DJ Sundog - from the spook-lab

@Gargron I dunno. Can I ignore the license on mastodon if it's just for giggles?

@djsundog @Gargron


no you cannot

the flesh-eating No Fun Attorneys will descend upon you like flying piranha

@Gargron you're using someone's artwork in part your AGPL licensed project without attribution or confirming that your use doesn't violate the artist's license for use of their art.

@Gargron don't get me wrong, I think the licensing of intellectual property is a scam and a hustle and I'd just as soon see software licensing burn in an eternal fire beside copyright law, but if you're going to stand on the side of strong licensing you probably shouldn't pirate other people's work without consent

@djsundog i don't think release notes are in any way part of mastodon the software, not any more than bug reports people submit. Plus the image is an old meme (it's on kym for example)

@Gargron so if I see someone else do it first and think mastodon is old then you're cool with it

@djsundog the image is 24 years old. I don't know if the copyright on it has been extended or not. I removed it. Truly, no fun is allowed.

@Gargron I am glad we have reached this not fun resolution. Thank you for looking at this very serious matter very seriously. May the fun go ever unfunned.

@djsundog @Gargron whew thank goodness, I was starting to get afraid we might be having too much fun here

@gargron @djsundog Copyright isn't just 17 years renewable for another 17 years anymore. Thanks to Disney it's something ridiculous like life of the author plus 75 years, or 100 years for a corporation.

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