As I toiled beneath the sun this morning, pushing my lawnmower in patterns, I found myself falling into a trance.

My body worked as my kind was filled with a gloriously funky vision of Lamont.

Lamont told me he had been watching my struggles with as a musical genre as well as my embrace of .

"You must go to the people of the 'verse," he told me, "and to them you must bring tidings most funky."

"Today, I give to you a glimpse at the future of your tribe through the loving embrace of the music of the past, for it has surrounded you for your entire life."

I was aghast. How could I have missed the glory of the genre?

"I am kind of riffing on this as I go along," Lamont responded, reading the pages of my soul like a back issue of Spin, "but just because you haven't recognized it doesn't mean you don't understand it."

" is a spectrum, a state of mind, an all-encompassing groove that seeps from all your kind," he rhymed in time sublime. " needs no more describing, my 'dog, just listen now and then post it on your microblog."

And who am I to argue with Lamont?

This first is The Commodores with their instrumental "Machine Gun" to get the groove percolating through the 'verse.

The groove runs on the collective output of your boogie port whenever you let your own true funk run among the good times of your fellow denizens of the 'verse.

"Good Times" by Chic.

Sometimes the is so rich and so thick that it bubbles to the surface again and again with each passing generation, making sure the groove gets passed on to the youth.

"Forget Me Nots" by Patrice Rushen.

The handles error correction inline in its message, making sure the children of the 'verse get a better funk than their parents had.

"Young Hearts Run Free" by Candi Staton.

That should be enough of the to get things rolling, for now.

Keep the fire burning, I've other things to which I must attend, but know my inner groove thang resides here, with you all.


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