The year is 2025.

Population has increased enormously in each of the alpha, delta, and gamma quadrants of the fediverse. Total combined population: 500 million active accounts.

In any given day, only a tera full of toots make their way across the quadrant boundaries due to the vast ideological gulfs between them.

Few in the 'verse travel these empty expanses to carry those rare cross-quadrant toots.

This is their story.

@Mohtab hm, now I'm pondering a whole subnet of instances set up as a mini fediverse performance center, reconfigured for each performance... 🤔

Custom web frontend that combines the feeds with appropriate graphics, etc... could get interesting. :)

@djsundog The voyagers who travel these boundaries with their self-hosted instances...

@djsundog Can't wait to see what they've made out of the lewd-furrie invasion or the tumbler exodus...

From PG-whlesome-13 to nsfl

And don't forget the wound-cube saga etc.

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