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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab @djsundog

your grandpa's old crap looking organ in the garage is a guitar amp combo, bass amp combo, midi bass synth controller, custom split-manual midi keyboard controller, midi expression pedal, midi organ tone generator, /and/ midi glitch drum synth, all in a hardwood case, just waiting to be brought out and bent.

just saying.

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@djsundog i came across one of these a few years back, these kids had absolutely trashed it though :(

@twitter if I had a panel truck I could probably find at least one free one a day until I no longer had room in the basement and garage to store them

@djsundog I've been thinking about disappearing and starting a new life restoring and repairing pinball machines, I could do those as well...

@twitter hell, I'm willing to spend my days putting a twist on a pinsetting machine down at the lanes if someone will let me

@twitter "ooh, tough break, Chet, the pinsetter dealt you Stonehenge"

@djsundog oh wow, this would be a fun project/game

add in a whack-a-mole mode for kicks

@twitter add a little lazertag and it's the ultimate night out

@djsundog If I had the space, I'd totally own several old organs.

@ajroach42 if my wife wouldn't have me committed, I'd happily live in the world's largest operational organ museum, taking delight in the oddities each presented