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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab @djsundog

any instance that wants in to the new instance picker please provide your instance's 240px x 70px banner ad (no gif) on gargrons ftp server by noon gmt on tuesday okay thanks

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@rey holy cow thats good I am going to have to step up my game for real

@djsundog protip: filters -> render -> lava fills the current selection with lava

@rey this happened to the floor once when I was a kid

@djsundog Do you mean that gargamel is running a Facility Training Program at the Greenwich Meridian Trust and no one told me about it before, I'm flabbergasted.

@djsundog I'm contra the new instance picker. I guess only m.s, w.t, g.s, c.s, v.c, a.s and m.m would come with PNGs and there would be no new instance picker after Tuesday 12:00 UTC.

@djsundog Sorry guys, the new instance picker is canceled.