fun fact: I mentally cast all of you in the music videos my mind's eye watches while I'm pumping the into my earholes.

@sydneyfalk everyone in the fediverse has their own unique visage in my mind's eye that may or may not be updated once additional meatspace data is available depending on how mind's eye feels about how well your meatface matches your brainface it is pretty complicated

@tcql @sydneyfalk no, you're definitely a tricked-out older model cyborg, but you have a cyborg kitty on a hovering pizza box that floats behind your shoulder and is the Cybre Jerome to your Cybre Morris Day

@sydneyfalk @djsundog i will definitely never post a selfie now because i don't want to erase this version of myself in your mind

@tcql @sydneyfalk these are the complexities of residual self images that Morpheus never really delves into adequately.

@sydneyfalk @tcql you're wearing an older sport coat with elbow patches and your hair is disheveled because you have a tendency to scratch your head while you are pondering the latest interesting idea your mind and your whole face brightens when you decide to share the ones you think will make others chuckle or think

@djsundog @tcql

well I was hoping for "sociopathic cyborg superspy temptress" but this is also nice

I mean it recognizes that I'm old but I AM old so yeah

*pulls a Werther's out of her coat pocket*

@sydneyfalk @tcql to be fair, the stage that my mind's eye sets is pretty fluid - it has no problem instantiating situational costume changes, morphing bodies, and generally making a mockery of physics and physiques, so there is a non-zero probability of you occupying both of those looks in any given day depending on inputs and so

@sydneyfalk @tcql but it's true - this is really kinda how my brain keeps track of folk, and it wraps part of how each of you is presenting yourself at any given time as well as how I feel about your presented feels and headspaces and sometimes people even end up with a note pinned to their lapel so I don't forget something important about them. so, if you're acting temptressy you're looking more temptressy if any of that made sense

@djsundog @tcql

I'm not saying it isn't true

I'm bemoaning who I am, because your concept seems sadly accurate :/ and isn't who I want to be seen as

ain't your mind, it's me <3

@djsundog @tcql

it's a lovely sentiment, just not one I can easily believe :/ but thank you <3


fair enough

also I've considered enlisting several IRL friends to let me take partial and reflected images of their faces, which I could then quietly shop as appropriate into different 'photographs' of my RL food/office/etc., so that someone, someday, might try to composite my face and basically would come up with mishmash or one of my friends

so I mean

"meatspace" is relative

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