One of my favorite teachers spoke at great length during a commencement at which he was speaking about how earnestly he hoped each person there would always have a valid and well used library card.

I am sure many of them found the idea silly a decade later when the internet had entered all of their homes and minds, but the libraries are still the key, and the librarians keep the libraries, so it would behoove us to take good care of the librarians.

And by all means practice random acts of citizen librarianism. Start a library. Start a few.

@djsundog This is why I donated a bunch of old consoles that I don't play anymore over to the Computer Video Game Archive: they're going to do more with them than I ever will and others can enjoy them.

@craigmaloney @djsundog Tell me more. I have this rather full cabinet dating back to N64…

@zigg @djsundog I coordinated with the library over there to see if they wanted some of the stuff. I took over a bunch of things like a few KIM-1 boards, a PET 4032, an Atari 5200, Intellevision, Colecovision, and a few other things (pretty sure they had NFC what to do with the 3B2 and the AT&T UNIX PC).

@djsundog When I moved from Aurora to Greenwood -- not a big move, obvs -- I kept my photography books and my poetry, and drove everything else around the city to fill up different Little Free Libraries in town. Which took a few days, since I'd amassed about 3,000 books.

Libraries allow humanity to exist in a state of grace.

@wiloma @djsundog Brilliant idea! I usually give my leftover books to the local library sale. Maybe I should try your way.
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