good morning.

I think the patents related to ieee.1394 have all expired as of late 2020.

:cofe_think: damn i didn't know internet explorer explorer explorer had 1394 versions

@lucidiot never underestimate the absurdity that has come out of Redmond, Washington, USA

@djsundog I really miss FireWire. Faster than garbage USB, and cables went in the right way the first time, or sometimes the second. Target disk mode was *fucking magical*, when you had an alternate OS or something to run with your Mac.


phew. good thing hardware manufacturers stopped including it in most things years ago, otherwise there's a real risk it could have been really useful, relevant, and current.

@djsundog And of course you've been looking for an FPGA project, I'm sure.

@djsundog ugh now I'm wondering if I need to get anything off this old DAT camcorder, the last FW device in my house, and if so, how.

Luckily I have a bin of projects to never get around to, so I can ignore the feeling.

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