all of my thanks to @craigmaloney for turning me on to the opportunity to acquire this beauty

@djsundog I am in love! :flan_hearts: I always wanted that as a MIDI machine for my synths. :flan_keyboard:

@djsundog It’s majestic. Also, I forgot that the Stacy came with TOS 1.4 preinstalled. But that makes sense for when it appeared.

@djsundog Nice! Just need to get Cubase, Calamus, and GFA Basic on it... and the world is your oyster!

@JoshuaACNewman I think it's just to hold the trackball in place when the lid is closed but I am not sure!

@djsundog i hate the hinge but love every single other bit of this

@djsundog Holy shit, nice! The oldest laptop I've got is a '97 PowerBook, I've always been interested in getting something from the 8-bit PC era though

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