I completely derailed a scrum meeting today by adding mood music on my synth whenever anyone gave a status update.

"I wrapped up blah."

me: fanfare

"I’m running into some unanticipated complexity."

me: ominous music swells

@djsundog "I just solved this problem that's been nagging me for weeks!" *Mario 1UP tune*

@djsundog I’ve wanted to spring a pop-punk square wave lead trill on my podcast cohosts and haven’t had the nerve

@djsundog You're reminding me of a Slick Bracer episode (fourth-wall breaking detective comedy audioshow) where everytime anyone mentioned the name of the mcguffin there was a duh-duh-dun jingle which really annoyed the characters. The receptionist couldn't hear what they were looking for over the music, and everyone started avoiding saying it's name.

Upon handing it off to their client the protaganists were left perplexed at why there was now a celebratory jingle.

@ajroach42 @djsundog this is the response to agile we deserved, but never knew we needed.

@djsundog "All reports must now be accompanied by thematic soundtrack."

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