okay, now my is running sxmo since @kelbot gave me the magic swipe gesture to make it go landscape.

multiple workspaces, the toot-lab in one via firefox in fullscreen mode and zoom at 50%, and this is quite the little pocket computer!

@djsundog tell me more about this keyboard case it's so cute!!

@nev it is cute! it's this one they just released recently:

it replaces the back cover of the phone and integrates via the pogo pins - also adds an extra battery for extended use

@djsundog Have you figured out how to exit full-screen mode? I fullscreened firefox and couldn't un-fullscreen and had to just kill firefox X-).

@djsundog Best I've figured out so far is to fullscreen firefox and just leave it that way. Use keyboard shortcuts and the swipe gestures to change to different desktops.

@djsundog Fullscreening really does help with a lot of websites though with how short the screen is in landscape.

@kelbot @djsundog why not setup a combo in x that fires the function key? most/all apps honor f11 and f12 these days

q + v for f11
w + b for f12

@djsundog @kemonine Except we're on wayland :). Maybe add a couple new keybinds to the sway config?

@kelbot @djsundog also valid

they are gonna let you do keybinds ; thats pretty much a given in modern linux uis anymore

hook that hand youre good

or the alt+v trick...

@kelbot @djsundog
With the keyboard, press "alt-v" to open the view menu and then select "Full Screen" to exit full screen.

@djsundog @jan_wagemakers @kelbot same for myf one desktop but if i hover over the top of the screens zone it auto-shows the title bar and tab bar


@kemonine @djsundog @jan_wagemakers On my plasma desktop on my thinkpad if I fullscreen firefox I can swipe down from the top edge of the screen and it will show the toolbar. Doesn't work on the Pinephoen for some reason.

@kelbot @djsundog @jan_wagemakers you may need to touch with a slight pause at the edge of the screen ; some panels touch sensors can get funky at teh very edges for swipes

@kemonine @djsundog @jan_wagemakers It may have something to do with sxmo's gesture daemon capturing those swipes from the edges of the screen for various other gestures.

@djsundog @kelbot
On my normal laptop firefox is in the dutch language and there I have to press "alt-l" for the "Beeld" menu.

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