good morning.

finally placed my order for the pinephone keyboard case to turn my OG pinephone into a convergence-capable PDA, a replacement screen for my OG pinephone that I dropped and shattered like a jerk, and a pinedio case for my pinephone pro, in hopes they'll ship before Chinese New Year.

at some point this year I will likely put together a project to build a smol laptop-style dock with mechanical keyboard and screen that will have a slot for the PDA'd pinephone, and then maybe a tower-style desktop with a slot for the smol laptop, so the compute can be used in any of the three form factors just by nesting them like Russian dolls, mostly because I have wanted a system like that for over half my life and now I can make it happen.

apple's PowerBook duo came close to the dream but stopped short and was abandoned too soon.

nested computers with an plan9-style OS that could allow for the unnested bits to still communicate with each other over the fastest bus/net available at any given moment would be the holy grail for half a lifetime ago me. not sure I'll take this that far, but also not sure I won't...

we could have nice things.

we should have nice things.

make yourself nice things and then share them with others.

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