The stylus has a comfy heft to it and attaches magnetically to the top of the PineNote in the cutout region of the folio cover.

The packaging is 100% more polished than I have a right to expect out of an open-source community-based project.

This is going to rule. Cannot wait to start hacking on it this weekend!

(I have not been putting it through any paces between the last post and this - I am in the middle of a migraine cluster so life just kinda stops for blinding pain a few-to-half-dozen times a day rn)

@djsundog i really want one now and im a little sad i didn't hear about the initial preorder. i have been subsisting on thrift store ebooks for far too long and i want something hackable

@djsundog firefox has a high contrast mode that could be decent for eink, can the stock android run it?

@_ this is a pre-pre-order dev unit - hoping I can help get some of the hardware working under linux

You inspire me to want one but I know I will not use it. It would just sit in my nightstand next to the LG tablet that just sits there unused.

@djsundog Put the tech down and go listen to the babbling brook for awhile. We'll be here when you're feeling better.


I very much like this project. I dislike your migranes. Please ask them to move to another planet where they are less troublesome.

I have the remarkable2 and there are some issues that seem to be forthcoming from the company, so...

@mjd this could easily end up being the device that garners Pine64 a much wider audience.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon right?? like, being able to carry all of the real book plus all my own compositions in the space of a single chart is wild af to my brain

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon imagining beaming a new chart to the band over wifi, making edits mid-session and having the changed changes automatically propagate to the other cats' stands? amazing

@djsundog I'd be curious to know what looking up stuff in the Real Book is like on that. The last time I tried on the RM, it was a bit of a slow experience (though they've updated things quite a bit since I last tried so perhaps it is better now?)

@paul @ItsTheManOnTheMoon I will be transferring my copy within the next couple days and will let you know!

@djsundog nice! Can it open and annotate PDF files? This could be handy for setting and solving pencil puzzles.


@djsundog how responsive is the writing? I have a remarkable 2, and it's the only tablet I've ever written on that doesn't have a delay that makes it annoying to use. If the pinenote also manages to be good enough in this regard it might switch to it.

@djsundog Sounds nice. I really like the remarkable, and you are given root access to the device without the need for exploits. However, their software is closed source, and they don't provide a published API to access the screen, so people are calling reverse-engineered API's to do that. Really annoying, and an open device would be nicer.

@djsundog Holy crap that looks amazing! Guess I'm gonna have to buy one myself next year

@djsundog What's the responsiveness of the pen like? Is there much lag when writing or drawing? Also, does it do any character recognition?

@toroidalcore super responsive - any lag during writing is imperceptible to me. unknown on character recognition at this point.

@k @djsundog @PINE64 yeah me too, I probably am just gonna order ... like ... now.

@Truck @djsundog @PINE64 I’m tempted but I’ve toooo many side projects. Gonna wait a bit

@djsundog @PINE64

May I ask a dumb question?
Is it consumer-ready?

I don’t mind digging into a few shell commands, but I need a somewhat stable experience without loosing too much time in configuration and updates.

@tommi @PINE64 it is not consumer ready. this is a dev unit to give the (linux) software side a chance to get built

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