local business Freeman Gas is apparently owned by a pickup truck driver with their URL in the back window.

I was very confused this morning trying to figure out the hustle in advertising free mangas on a pickup in northern Georgia.

@djsundog you don’t want some free man-gas? Who doesn’t love some free man-gas?

But for serious, Appalachian propane is the place to go.

@djsundog Local restaurant Han Dynasty kinda came from that sort of URL confusion:

'I was still debating using the name. Then I went to the internet and was trying to register handynasty dot com. It was taken. It was a porn site at the time. I'm like, "What?" Then I read the URL and I'm like [oh, my], this is "handy nasty," and at that moment I knew I had to name it Han Dynasty.'

@gamehawk @djsundog Susan Boyle and her #susanalbumparty hashtag all over again

CamelCase is important y'all

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