Checking in from Missoula, MT, where we just checked into our hotel for the night.

@djsundog (MT was not the most welcoming to queer people i found while i was there)

@djsundog Montana. Enjoy. I hear it’s a beautiful territory.

@djsundog I... would like... to have seen ... Montana. *dies*

@djsundog if you see Hank green tell him I said to stop being a shitty liberal

@djsundog here's a fun hotel fact for you.

they are legally required to let you stay for free if you can best the manager in a game of skill.

I spy a @djsundog rising exactly due south of here and wave as our orbits pass through periapsis

@msh 👋 the trans-canada route would have been beautiful but we'll have to save that for another occasion ;)

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