I've got my beat, but my beat is unraveling
Can't keep control; can't keep track of where it's traveling
I've got my click, but my click is a fool
And you're the only one that's understool

@noelle @djsundog I beat the drum but I don't know where it's taking me
It shouldn't move but it's wrenching, dragging, drifts from me
Put down the spikes, pull the stool across the stage
The more I secure the more die with rage

@djsundog The perfect drum rugs used to be in the foyers at Sangertown Square in the mid 80s. THEY RULED for keeping drums from moving. We stole many of them back in the day.

@Ricardus oh hell yeah, with the rubber underneath, those ones? those were mint.

@djsundog And they had lots of rubber grippies to hold onto the feet of the drums stands and cymbal stands. Like velcro.

@Ricardus yeah, the anti-slush nubbins, yeah - definitely top tier drum rug for sure. really holds the kit together.

@Ricardus I don't but I'll probably do some spelunking to find someone at some point lol

@djsundog I built a dog ramp for a friend a few years ago and was looking for that to put on top.

@djsundog I'll just be content if I'm not having to chase the bass drum or the left double bass pedal.

@djsundog I mean my kick drum has goddamn spikes protruding from the feet how is it moving

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