the tech industry has to be the only historical situation of a market of tool makers making their tools more difficult and less effective to use as time progressed, right?

streaming audio on the internet, 2005: install shoutcast. install winamp. hook them up. stream.

streaming audio on the internet, 2021: oh pal, do not put yourself through this, they really do not want you to do this at all.

@djsundog I kinda miss doing my amateur shit with icecast and foobar2000. Nowadays I don't think I want to run the risk with RIAA and local equivalents...

@FiXato @djsundog

these things still exist and work, its also fairly easy to stream DJ sets via peertube and owncast, two of my mutuals have done exactly that this evening. The real barriers are as you mention the risk of being pulled up by "copyright feds" especially as the rules vary across countries but streams are usually internationally available *unless* you put extra effort into geoblocking...

@djsundog in general, i'm not sure why technology has decided that it hates audio, but apparently, it does

@djsundog oh no!!! :(

it's definitely sad sad sad how shoutcast slowly dwindles, how rarely do new good stations come, and so many greats have been lost.

so so unfortunate. shout out to chromewaves radio in particular, which is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and which i squandered. i should have been taking so many notes as i listened.

@djsundog i think there's a general layer of hostility towards letting the user do anything on their own

"stream your own audio? ew, who would possibly want to do that themselves when there's a subscription service and app to do that"

@twitter "you don't understand. we pay people to make playlists so you don't need to be able to. that's how this works. like it!"

@djsundog related: with the "magic personal-brand-seo-optimized web page builder" services, it's getting to the point where i only trust people's websites if they look like they're from 1998

@twitter @djsundog side note (and to make yall feel old 😎 ) i was 8 in 1998 and even still i wouldnt trust a site that doesnt look like it came out of the pit that is the 90s

@twitter @djsundog basically someone said "ok what about streaming music but totally controlled by the people who answer questions on Stack Overflow?" and they went All In

@twitter the ur-tech-industry has been identified. if I ever get my hands on a time machine, the can opener industry is done for.

@djsundog *points at John Deere and like all car manufacturers*

oh, you said use, not fix

(same thing in some circles, really)

@djsundog and they have learnt from the worst

(from us)

@djsundog the last minivan I owned, you had to drop the radiator out just to change a headlight

just sayin, now I check that before I buy a car lol

@djsundog Toasters are pretty bad, used to be big enough for 2 regulation slices, evenly toasted, now my "wide" toaster can't hold the thicker bagels, have to fiddle with the level by bready comestible type.

Rice cookers. I have a retro one now that uses the magnet trick, timers are just bullshit estimates, cooks fine. Last one was electronic controlled & SUCKED. Never knew if a pot was gonna be done or not.

Sewing machines, I hear, old ones were infinitely better.

@djsundog Fridges are massively more power-efficient now, but not repairable like the old near-icebox designs, and many have computers in them which is evil.

Old Maytag ads tried to sell "not crap" and they kinda got destroyed in the '80s, they're just cheap Whirlpool crap now.

I think a lot more industries are like that. It's cheaper & more profitable to make a barely-balanced device that becomes useless in a couple years.


"high tech" today

"smart" TV s with built in apps that go obsolete in a few years

refrigerators that quiely fart every couple hours and complain about needing air filters changed every 3 months

washing machines that want to connect to wifi

cars that randomly ding at you because snowfall tricks them into thinking you are driving off the road

sign my petition to rename "tech industry" to "industrial cancer"

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