of all the *BSDs I've found with images that support booting on aarch64 (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, PersonalBSD, NetBSD) only NetBSD provides working video on first boot on

(I think I have already packed my pinebookpro console cable, so working video is a big plus right now)


I saved NetBSD for last because, of course it runs NetBSD

@djsundog the downside is I found NetBSD pretty unstable on mine. It might be because I was using it on an SSD, dunno. Had a lot of mysterious shutdowns and random failures to boot with it, that I'm just not seeing with an Linux distribution.

Also lack of stable wifi was a big deal breaker for me, I'll give it a couple of releases and come back as I've always wanted a nice NetBSD laptop.

@mike yeah, looks like it doesn't like any of my usb wifi adapters either, so that was fun lol

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