@vanillacherry "how much will it cost us to license this data?" "pfft, why bother, just buy the data provider"

@djsundog yeah, long time now. The notion was that they were feeding the weather data into IBM’s big logistics AIs. planning shipping routes and shit. “Powered by Watson”

@djsundog Even funnier: TWC owns what used to be WeatherUnderground, named after The Weather Underground revolutionary movement, which would surely have bombed IBM if they got the chance.

@djsundog If you'd like an alternative you've already paid for: weather.gov/<your zip code>
{Sorry, you didn't ask, but I like it)

@murph @djsundog so this made me go look up what wttr.in uses, and apparently, it's new default is apple's page... which, like the weather.gov thing, does not work properly for my location (:

Apparently, my location causes darksky to provide results in "Deutsch" (which looks entirely like English to me - "Possible drizzle tomorrow afternoon" and "Coastal Flood Statement" MIGHT be the way you say these things in German but my experience in German speaking countries is "no, no it isn't." Also, it's giving me results in F/MPH, which is totally not Germany (:

World Weather Online DOES work, but seems to think we speak Swedish. Um. Yeah, not _here_ we don't.

Ah well I'll still use wttr.in because I like it's output (:

This is the part where the tangent continues because "but of course everyone else's brain works like mine"

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