everybody has those bands that they used to listen to on heavy rotation but have gone on to mostly forget all about since.

grand funk railroad is one of mine, and every time a song of theirs comes on some sort of shuffle it's almost a mandela effect effect.

bad company is another. same thing happens.

these were both very successful well known bands and should cause my brain no strife. wtf brain.

anyway, I guess this is now a thread of artists you've mostly left in the dust that used to be pillars of your listening room.

and this is a no shame thread. we understand. it happens to everyone eventually.

the first two compact discs I personally owned were gifted to me along with my first compact disc player (a top loading boom box model from radio shack with cassette for sweet sweet from digital mixtape action)

sgt pepper and the doors debut album

I currently own neither and do not miss them at all.

somebody's gonna come up in this thread and say "steely dan" and the little red dude from that movie "inside out" inside my head is going to have a goddamn field day that no one else will ever get to see because f that guy

@djsundog I go through phases. For some years, I'll listen to almost nothing except Genesis. Other years, it'll be focused on U2. Etc.

@vertigo U2 is another one - cannot remember the last time I listened to them, despite having all the early albums and the requisite inundation of listening to broadcast radio during their peak years

@djsundog It's just normal, I think. I am currently in a dry-spell with Genesis, focusing mostly on Robert Plant. But, maybe next month, I'll end up going back to Genesis or maybe even something as obscure as Camel.

@djsundog There was a period that I listened to a lot of blink 182 and for a long time now I kind of can't stand them.

@kelbot you will perfectly understand the helpless discomfort I felt when I found out our daughter's dream was to have a dang blink-182 birthday cake on her 23rd birthday and I went and made one for her haha

@djsundog I've been thinking for 20 minutes and I can't think of anything. I don't listen to as much punk and metal as I used to, but when the mood calls, I play some and play it loud.

But actual bands I loved then that I don't love now? I got nuthin.

@djsundog The first music I owned was on cassette tape. CDs were available by then, but they hadn't swept away tape yet. I think I still remember the first three.

The first tape I bought with my paper route money was "Licensed to Ill" from the Beastie Boys. The second tape my father won in a raffle before a screening of Dick Tracy movie and gave to me. It was Madonna's "I'm Breathless". The third tape I think was Yello's "Flag".

@djsundog When I converted to CD, I actually replaced my "Flag" and "I'm Breathless". I still listen to them occasionally. There's probably no accounting for taste, but "I'm Breathless" seems fun to me. I've always enjoyed this duet with Mandy Patinkin and Madonna:

I can't remember when I last listened to "Licensed to Ill". Probably back then, but you know, I still fight for my right to party, so...

@djsundog My first 3 CDs:

Bryan Adams: Into the Fire
Bon Jovi: Slippery when Wet
Some random organ music of Bach that I don't remember.

The fourth was Joe Jackson's Big World and that's the only one of that lot that I still have.

@djsundog Of the early CDs that I had that I regret selling back the one that comes immediately to mind is Pseudo Echo (the one with Funky Town) only because the rest of the album wasn't half bad.

There's a few others here and there that I sold off that I wouldn't mind picking back up (or eventually picked back up). Def Leppard's Hysteria was one of them (got rid of it when I was "too cool for this stuff" and then realized it was a damn fine album.

@djsundog the first two compact discs i personally owned were Béla Fleck: Live at the Quick and Don Ross: Robot Monster and i don’t listen to them enough tbh

@Lady @djsundog For me: Iron Butterfly, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" and Nirvana, "Nevermind".

@Lady @djsundog Also, I'm so glad to know that you like Béla Fleck. "Stomping Grounds" is one of my favorite songs, and I went to many of his/their concerts as a kid.

@noelle @djsundog everybody in band in high school loved Béla Fleck because we did a percussion ensemble arrangement of The Sinister Minister one year

@djsundog metallica's entire catalog
Dave Matthews band

@balrogboogie yes yes and holy shit I spent the night in jail with the guy from 311 once so hell yes

@djsundog i've probably seen 311 live more than any other single band, lol

@djsundog also I once judged a guitar competition at the Flint Guitar Center with Mark Farner's brother Rick, who was fronting GFR at the time lol

@dustin I was drunk in public, he was in possession of things that were frowned upon and being taught a lesson by his friends and family by being made to wait until morning to get bailed out haha

@balrogboogie Dave Matthews Band are one of those bands for me too. Under the Table and Dreaming was one of the first CDs I bought when I got a CD player, the band was a way I bonded with my freshman roommate because we both played their music all the time, and I probably haven't listened to them at all since. @djsundog

@djsundog yeah, my first CD was a Bon Jovi CD, and my first tape was Scorpions. I listen to neither now.

@djsundog Oops, forgot to officially reply the first time around.

Madonna and Pink Floyd for me. The latter more than the former; I'll still listen to a Madonna song if I hear it on the radio/in a stream, but I've heard the same Pink Floyd songs so many times and dug deep into what they were about back in high school. I don't need to do all that again.

@ND3JR I'm much the same on both - very occasionally I'll get a weird hair up my ass and need Dark Side or The Wall for some reason or another but mostly it just sits gathering dust so to speak

@djsundog I used to listen to Kárpátia and some other right wing rock bands a looot. Well, I grew out of it. But I remember for a while it was all the music we had on our family PC. Edda and Kárpátia. I don't miss the latter. But I found a bootleg old-Edda CD in my room recently and that was good. I think it's their original lineup. That one was good. No gross politics, just nice blues/rock tracks.
@djsundog I credit Wiretap Scars by Sparta as helping me through a very bad breakup. Listened to that album a *lot*.

Dunno if they ever had a second album.

@djsundog there was definitely a chunk of my lifewhere I could sing mostweird al songs by heart

...I probably still could but not because I'm listening to them all the time

Also, though I still go back frequently: Streetlight Manifesto. That was an angrier time and I'm glad I don't work there any more

@weird_hell yeah, those two work in my sphere too - and yeah, I still enjoy swinging through the Streetlight 'hood but yeah, so much happier these days then when I was a regular haha

@djsundog For me it's a lot of the progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, and the like. Used to groove on a lot of that stuff but after Neal Morse left Spock's Beard and Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater I haven't really played those bands much. Not that I don't dust them off from time to time but they're not the mainstays of my musical listening.

Also Megadeth and Metallica. Not that their early stuff isn't good but there's more interesting things to pay attention to now.

@craigmaloney @djsundog New Megadeth is interesting, better than the early albums which were already good but kind of rough. Mustaine learns new things with each album.

Metallica can eat a billion shits for suing fans.

@craigmaloney @djsundog Id have to second Dream Theater. Back when i was a plaid clad grunge/metal junkie I was really into them... now I can't even remember their songs.

@djsundog I used to listen to A Lot of Pixies. Now, not so much. No reason, but when you just hit those particular neurons so many times they just kinda get a callus or something.

@djsundog Most of the 90s rock, honestly. I'm more of a 1st Wave person than a Lithium person these days.

@djsundog The Eagles. Three Dog Night and Credence Clearwater Revival. A wide variety of electronic music artists back from when that one Suprnova Radio DJ had a series of "TranceChill" CDs packed full of MP3s, which was the style at the time.

@djsundog for me it's the grateful dead. huge fan in my teens/early 20s; can't remember the last time i played them. i still sing bits of their lyrics now and then

@djsundog I've been thinking about this and I can't come up with anything that fits the bill. My first record was INXS - Kick. My second was Peter Gabriel - So. I've listened to both in the last 6 months.

I've gone through different phases but I think I still have every record I ever bought and there isn't anything I've drifted so far from that I wouldn't come back to it. There are a couple of outright mistakes, though. Looking at you, Brassy.

@djsundog I wish I could say otherwise but with my ADHD brain that's like... every artist. all artists in my library with few exceptions serve as a graveyard of betrayed listening loyalties.

@djsundog Frankie Goes to Hollywood. LOVED the first album, every single track.

@djsundog I rarely listen to Skid Row, Course of Empire, Slayer, or a bunch of thrashy metal bands I've forgotten. If one rolls up at random in my genre playlists, I may like it or might down-rate it so it never shows up again.

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