@djsundog I wish I had cash to spare just so I can keep it out of the hands if someone who would waste this on chia crypto

also it would be cool to get this plus a bunch of little SBCs and play the storage equivalent of a battle between an elephant and 1000 angry chickens

@msh it's a chia head who's selling it lol but strong agree it's got much better uses it could be put to

@djsundog 16x 16TB drives (0.25pb) were under $5400 before Chia. the exos 16tb, quite the enterprise drive. for whatever reason it was stupid low price per GB & top notch performance. i think it just sold in huge volume was why it was so cheap, & not the highest density available.

you'd still need another $1000 for a drive array or whatever

but the power consumption would probably be much better than 128x 2TB drives! plus noise & size & perhaps long term maintenance cost benefits.

still it is fun as heck scoping older once-expensive-as-all-get-out hardware. im trying to get up the effort to sell some my own that have gonr chronically unused for years.

@djsundog finally enough space for one mastodon instance's media folder

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