Billy Joel's album "52nd Street":

The first three tracks each became a hit single. ("Big Shot", "Honesty", and "My Life")

The remaining six tracks are superior in every way. ("Zanzibar", "Stiletto", "Rosalinda's Eyes", "Half a Mile Away", "Until the Night", and "52nd Street")

@djsundog Absolutely. Zanzibar, Rosalindas Eyes, and Stiletto are 3 of my fav BJ tunes. Especially when you know the stories behind them.

@djsundog because you are a jazz person. the market at the time wasn’t. I don’t particularly disagree with you though

I wasn't much into BJ but my high school sweetheart was. So I camped out at the Erwin Center(SuperDrum) in Austin, was the first in line and bought 10 front row seats. I kept 2 and sold the other 8 and tremendous profit. I ended up enjoying the show much more than I let on to my friends afterward.

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