"they're a natural!"

that's a phrase that is not as complementary as those who say it seem to think it is.

people usually put years and years of hard work into becoming a natural. even young people. it's unkind to belittle those efforts when they achieve a notable level of skill. if they make it look easy that's just that much harder they had to work to get there.

@djsundog The press does love those kinds of "inspirational" extreme oversimplifications, ne? The above can lead to an "overnight success", likewise rarely that simple or rapid.

@djsundog my family thinks i was born with a natural talent for writing but this is really all just practice. like i've been scribbling weird stories in journals since i was like 10. kinda sucks not to have that work recognized.

@djsundog meh, it's ok. these days they don't even know or care if i'm still writing so :shrug_y1: they gave me enough shit about it that they lost hearing-about-my-creative-projects privileges

@djsundog I prickle when people tell me I've got talent, as if it's innate. I've got skill, there's a difference.

@welshpixie @djsundog

I kind of like Malcolm Gladwell's take that talent is just a love for a specific activity.

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