Computing is pop culture. [...] Pop culture holds a disdain for history. Pop culture is all about identity and feeling like you're participating. It has nothing to do with cooperation, the past or the future - it's living in the present. I think the same is true of most people who write code for money. They have no idea where [their culture came from].

-- Alan Kay, in an interview with Dr Dobb's Journal, 2012

@djsundog the part that always stuck with me was where he said "...what happened in the last 20 years is quite normal, even though it was unfortunate. Once you have something that grows faster than education grows, you’re always going to get a pop culture."

@cstanhope @djsundog

"PowerPoint is just simulated
acetate overhead slides, and to me, that is a kind of a moral crime."


@djsundog and that's strange to me, cuz one of the things that really drew me into digital computing is the history. all of these interesting ideas that were tried and aren't popular now... and all these clever people i might want to be more like.

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