of course pine64 found a way to talk me out of getting myself a remarkable haha shit

@djsundog @antijingoist the remarkable is also remarkably disappointing in practice, mostly due to the software, which is precisely what the pinenote would allow you to fix.

@jens @djsundog Everything else in this space is super restrictive, running a shitty UI on top of android or some custom shitty.
But I've wanted an eink device like this since eink was first announced. :D
I even used to have it's first article in the nyt saved in a scrapbook. :D

@jens @djsundog
But I might be too old to make stuff for it now. :D :D :D

@djsundog as soon as I saw the Pine64 toot I thought "welp, sundog's gonna be on his shit again" :)

@djsundog Holy stromboli, ditto! I knew the Quartz64 had that eink panel port and everything but I didn't expect this.

@kelbot it's literally my ideal outcome and I thought I was probably going to be disappointed with what actually came of that port but now wheeee

@djsundog I've been on the fence about a remarkable for a while but yeah. it. Not having to rely on funky hacks to do the things you want will be really nice. Plus the hugely upgraded specs over a remarkable.

@djsundog As someone with a reMarkable 2, I'm still eyeing this announcement pretty hard. (Though, if my experience with Xournal et. al is anything to go by, I may want to wait a year. Or several.)

@djsundog I'm also hyper-skeptical of "capable of a 60hz refresh rate", although DASUNG seems to claim (and sell) something not entirely dissimilar. The color-adjustable front-light is an awfully nice addition, though. I'd probably get one if I didn't already have a reMarkable 2, but for now I guess I'll wait and see.

@aschmitz can definitely expect the software to be a mess for at least a year, maybe two, but worth watching for sure

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