also, if you're looking for a remote programming job with a fully remote company working on a video teleconferencing system for creatives, hit me up and let's chat about what you like to do.

some of our open positions are listed on our careers page now!

but there may be others that are not, so if you think you dig what we're doing and you'd fit into the mix, still reach out to our recruiting team!

@violet there's a bit of flexibility there as we're open to bringing people up to speed on specific technologies that aren't exact matches to their experiences - web frontend with react experience is great, other frameworks great too, nodejs backend, but go and python also in play, even a couple c++ roles I think on the streaming team, and native client teams as well with their various native stacks.

@djsundog Alright, I know at least a few of those things, how should I apply?

@violet if you can DM me a resume I can get it in the hands of our internal tech recruiter and then she'll reach out to get things rolling

@Mainebot as soon as I sniff anything close to an opening in marketing you'll be the first one to hear 💜

@Mainebot I think it depends on how fast you are traveling and where the observer is standing

@djsundog Haha The DevSecOps role description shows how far I am removed from the current world of computing :flan_greybeard:

@galaxis @djsundog I recognize some of those requirements as words. Those are indeed things.

I can do the node.js job, but all the other stuff around it is like what. Why.

@dumpsterqueer we're currently only looking for full time employees as far as I know but I will double check on Monday

@djsundog does country of residence need to be in the US?

@qwazix nope! I have a team mate in Uruguay, a program manager in the UK, my boss is in Canada, and one of our dev ops folks is in the process of moving to the Marshall Islands.

@djsundog hmm, the design position sounds interesting.


@djsundog I like to program using the C language. I also know others programming languages, as you may check from my website:
I am learning JavaScript.
I don't accept crypto-currencies. The medical texts on my site were written by my father.
I don't have much time, but if I find the project interesting then I may dedicate myself to it.

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