note from the toot-lab: if you are currently following this account from an instance operated by Eugen, I apologize, but you've got until Friday to find another home or get used to the idea of not seeing the toot-lab anymore because I'm sick of his bullshit and I'm yeeting his gargantuan shitholes into /dev/null on Saturday morning to start my day off right.

it's not you; it's him.

thanks for understanding.

@Mainebot @CobaltVelvet that's a lot bigger ask, tbh - those socks have a userbase to answer to, I only have @nowplaying and @rosalind and they know better than to sass me.

@djsundog @CobaltVelvet @nowplaying @rosalind i realize its asking a lot. And yeah theres a social cost there but frankly fuck that guy. I hate the idea of him burning everyone and getting the better side of community for doing fuck all to deserve it.

@djsundog I've been pretty isolated from such happenings unless it pisses off one of the people I've decided to follow but seriously, fuck that guy.
Seems to have been all downhill since publishing tootsuite.

@djsundog Ah, I remember the bright-eyed optimism I had... what was it, three years ago? Give or take?

I still want to see this system flourish, but I have the sick feeling that it won't be THIS system exactly, but the next iteration of it, once someone comes up with one that really takes off.

@djsundog I've been unaware of dramas surrounding him or his instances. 500k users seems unmaintainable.

@djsundog 'course, 500k users would be a good way to acid test the scalability of your code base, lol

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