@djsundog looks chill to me, needs more neon and empty (or half empty) noodle boxes…

@seven Zero puppy doesn't mind sharing his lil pallet bed in the corner

@djsundog Nor should be :P I’d bet he wouldn’t mind the noodle boxes either… ;)
@djsundog I live in this kinda world, or at least that’s half of it, hard to get a proper angle based on the setup but you get the idea…
@djsundog It also needs more neon, but I’m transitioning into a proper room soon for a chunk of it, so I haven’t bothered…
@djsundog Indeed I have the stuff, I moved not that long ago… Have 3 more proper screens too that, given I’m putting it in a room soon, just makes no sense to mount them if I don’t fully require them ATM… A little constraining but temporarily, totally fine.
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