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really getting sick of corporate copy writers' bullshit, friends

y'know what would really improve my experience on your site, Paypal? less bullshit while you try and productize my use of your sketch-ass services.

an entire bullshit industry built around processing payment transactions between two parties that exists solely because the financial institutions that already do this work, namely banks and credit unions, continue to use the oldest, least capable systems for handling bank transfers possible while they turn around and underwrite the IPOs of these shit companies. fucking rackets everywhere. and I cannot stand tennis goddammit!

@djsundog here in Canada, the inter-bank network that handles debit payment transactions just decided to build a simple consumer money transfer system. interac.ca/en/consumers/produc and it can be used directly from the websites and mobile apps of most banks. In most cases for transfers from personal chequing accounts, no fees.


@carcinopithecus @kepstin the fastest, cheapest way for me to move money from one bank to another person's account at another bank is for me to write them a paper check and hand it to them so they can take a picture of the front and back of it and do a photo deposit into their account. they might not even get charged an additional fee for getting access to the funds faster than three days.

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