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really getting sick of corporate copy writers' bullshit, friends

y'know what would really improve my experience on your site, Paypal? less bullshit while you try and productize my use of your sketch-ass services.

an entire bullshit industry built around processing payment transactions between two parties that exists solely because the financial institutions that already do this work, namely banks and credit unions, continue to use the oldest, least capable systems for handling bank transfers possible while they turn around and underwrite the IPOs of these shit companies. fucking rackets everywhere. and I cannot stand tennis goddammit!

y'know how oauth lets you go to a site, say "yeah, my auth info is handled by foo dot org" and then it hands you off to foo dot org to get authed and bring back a token proving you're you that the original site can verify from their end by asking foo dot org about it?

that could be banking, but the banks don't want you to have things that easy. far too few opportunities for them to extract monies from the transactions if it's smooth sailing.

okay, that should be good, I should be adequately de-grumpified for the evening now.

thank for your understanding and support.

@djsundog Well there’s “old banking” and “new banking”. Old banking doesn’t care about your experience on their web site. New banking needs to monetize everything about your experience on their web site because they’re not a real bank, just a middleman.


@freakazoid I used to shrug it off when I thought it was genuinely just incompetence, but once I realized it was both malicious and intentional it has never been less than a major irritant since. can't stand our banking system.

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