As things coalesce in to something like coherence here at the maker space, I really find myself looking towards the future.

I have finished, or am finishing, many of the self contained projects that I've been working on for the better part of a decade.

I'm handing off many of the smaller ongoing projects now that they're stable, and sunsetting some stuff that has been taking up a bunch of time but which I'm not enjoying.

And now I'm trying to think about what I want to do next.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to build, but those are mostly weekend builds.

I am learning to make music for the first time in any serious fashion, and that's Exciting and Time Consuming.

I'll talk more about that in a bit.

I've been idly working on some video games. Slowly but surely.

I'm an okay developer, a decent writer, and a passable graphic designer. It's a crime (/testament to my ADHD) that I don't have anything other than some playable demos.

Mostly, though, I think I just want to write more.

Let someone else direct, let someone else execute. I want to write scripts and video game treatments and blog posts.

I want to do more fiction podcasts. I want to do more video production.

I want to produce media.

I think it's important to remember the power of a good set of instructions.

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