an i3/sway config that, if one splits a terminal such that it would become smaller than 80x25, shrinks the font size to bring it back to an 80x25 minimum

i3 → good luck with that
sway → well maybe not directly in sway but that's basically what SailfishOS is doing on their compositor for cover-less apps


I'm too old to see the font size now. How the heck am I going to see that?

@SetecAstronomy $mod-F to make that pane fullscreen, which should set the font back the the default size for the config ;)

@djsundog Some dingus had the bright idea to set $mod to ALT and get used to it, before noticing that $mod+F did something.

Guess which dingus also uses ALT+F,S all the time?


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