sat down this afternoon to have a sandwich and my wife had the local news on the television.

they did a story that involved them showing a web page in a browser on the screen.

if you work in television news: for the love of all that is holy turn off the freaking bookmark toolbar on whatever browser you'll be using for on-air display.

does your IT staff really want you showing everyone what internally-facing web applications y'all are depending on to get work done? hmmmm?


counterpoint: it is now the year 2021. if folk were going to develop any infosec hygiene regarding the web browsers they'd have done it by now.

@djsundog When I need to do screen recordings I straight-up make a new user account on my machine and switch to that :blob_dizzy_face:

@djsundog Yeah, nobody thinks about lower risk profiles, they just think "H4XX0RZ" have magic powers to somehow suss out their weak spots (shitty CRM systems).

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