I stole this video that depicts the interactions between dev teams and QA teams from twitter specifically so some of you here could share these relatable feels regardless of which side you relate to.

Happy Friday. I hope you have no deployments scheduled.

@djsundog I saw this the other day and watched it on loop for ten minutes just cackling. It's so good.

2.5yo #BeardGrabber wants to rewatch that video over and over again, and started pointing at his own shapes box and bricks. 😂

I think it has taught him a dangerous lesson 😅

@djsundog gods I'm so upset with how many people on twitter I was seeing mocking QA folks for this.

Devs, QA is there to find your mistakes and wrong assumptions. Don't be shit to them for it D:

@djsundog and I just can't get over how much the Dev Team looks like an excited puppy. xD

@yuki look to your left. look to your right. if you cannot see the QA team then you are the QA team.

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