The Green Christmas Ball concert at the Cow Palace outside of SF in 1996 was a great freaking show too, local radio station organized show

This lineup is incomplete - Allen Ginsburg did a spoken word thing and I know there were other bands that I don't remember because I knew some folk from the station and was backstage and drinking far more than was wise.


@djsundog That is an intense lineup. I think I saw the Chemical Brothers not long after that, they were touring for "Dig Your Own Hole".

That Orbital set in particular looks really good.

re: alcohol 

@cev yeah, it was a mind bending night in more than one way and it's all mere fragments of moments of memories in my head at this point but the extremely electric vibe persists unabated

re: alcohol 

@djsundog GA ticket was only $10.

I literally don't remember any time when GA tickets were less than $100 where I grew up. And, the one time I went to a major concert (to see Roger Waters live in San Diego), I remember tickets being pretty pricey too.

Must have been nice. ;)

re: alcohol 

@vertigo I have seen some amazing shows on the cheap or free - Edgar Winters and Little River Band played some small festival that my buddy and I happened across one day in Florida, free show for three hours on a beautiful day. definitely really hard to find these days.

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