I will never again attend a large arena or festival show, of this I am quite positive, but I saw quite a few in my time and the ones I saw were damn good ones and I'm glad I had 'em.

now a night in a small dark club is not something I am saying I will never do again because that is not something I am willing to give up on quite yet thank

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@djsundog giant arena shows are, with rare exceptions for people i'm never gonna get a chance to see any other way, really not my jam these days, but festivals... god did i miss festivals this year.

@brennen so much music in one place for a few bucks a band is a model that's hard to argue against from the concertgoer's perspective imo but there aren't a lot of festival lineups I'm gonna spend a day standing around to hear - seats or I'm out these days lol

@djsundog yeah, if i think about it our festival rotation is as much about camping with friends and sitting in rivers as anything these days. i don't really bother checking the lineup: we're going regardless and i know the campground jams are going to be good one way or another.

My fondest memories would be countless shows at local Austin venues that are long gone. Club Foot was probably the best, hosting tours by X, Pete Shelly, the Professionals, Pylon, the first U2 tour, and many that I can't currently remember. Raul's, Dukes Royal Coach Inn, Liberty Lunch, the Armadillo and the Ritz all have find memories. The Continental Club still exists but is nothing like the rundown dive it was back in the day.

@Tay0 yeah, it's the club shows I miss, and likewise any of the joints I've frequented that are still existing aren't anything the same usually

@djsundog Yeah, I do wish that the stars had aligned to get young me to at least one Lollapalooza, the early-mid 90s lineups were really something.

But I wasn't crazy about huge shows even back then, and all the college friends I might have gone with scattered to the four winds every summer, so 🤷‍♂️

I saw Foo Fighters at Fenway park in 2018 and it wound up being one of the best shows I've ever been to... jumbotron technology has really made nosebleed seats a lot better.

It also helped a lot that the venue and surrounding infrastructure are well-suited for processing huge numbers of people quickly.

Unlike Great Woods (or whatever it's called these days) where I saw the Kiss/Aerosmith tour in 2003. The show itself was fine but I didn't get out of the parking lot until 1:30 AM

@thermous Great Woods does indeed suck ass for getting out of lol

one of my college apartments was over where I had a vague view into fenway to watch tiny baseball players or tiny musicians playing oddly EQed music from afar, was a great shitty apartment in the fens lol

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