saw Lollapalooza 1993? in New Orleans and it was like a hundred degrees outside but what a freaking show, and when it started to get dark and cool off a touch Alice in Chains set up behind a curtain made of chains and they dropped to reveal the band with Layne Staley in a three-piece suit the and the whole place was a temporary singularity of awesomemess.

1992, 1994, and 1995 were all impressively fun shows too but 1993's lineup stands out in my mind as one of the iconic alternative shows of my life

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drove my buddy's Cobra all the way from Biloxi at 6am that morning to get to the show and didn't get back to base until 30 hours later. such a show.

@djsundog I was in pre-school. Ms. Karen was teaching me to color.

@djsundog was it better than Anthony Teti teaching me to make fart noises with my armpit?

@Ethancdavenport I am pretty sure that was happening somewhere between the side stage and the falafel booth, actually, so that part is pretty much the same.

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