hmm, what's the worst song Michael McDonald sung backup vocals on

wait, I am pretty sure I have not heard at least one candidate I just found:

he sang backing vocals on a Tia Carrere album in 1993, "Dream".

(redrafted to fix name typo)

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The BEST is "Run Like The Wind" by Christopher Cross.

No arguments there, right?

@clock the best could turn into a fistfight; he sang a lot of backing vocals!


He did. But I won't back down on this one. It's just so good.

I would also lobby for him to cover "Escape" and make it a song I could listen to.

@djsundog I absolutely cannot believe that I saw the name "Tia Carrere" and thought "the model-actor who played the love interest in the Wayne's World movie??" and I looked it up and I was *right*

@darius you are closer to the pulse of pop culture than you think! (as long as you don't take the multi-decade lag into consideration)

@djsundog also thinking back... pretty cool that this Asian-American woman was a kickass love interest with hardly any accompanying Orientalism in a movie made in the early 90s

@darius an excellent point! and her cover of Ballroom Blitz wasn't ear-bleedingly bad either, to her credit.

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