It's time!

Join us as we wrap up the best music from the year that was 1990, commencing now on Sundogistani Public Radio, available online at

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@djsundog I tuned in just as one of my predictions was playing, so that's well played on my part AND on yours.


Just tuned in and 'Head Like a Hole' was blasting from my speakers... Sweeeeeeeeet...



Followed by The Happy Mondays???

You're twistin my melon, @djsundog !! 😜


And MC 900Ft Jesus now?! Holy shit...that whole North Tx crew were a huge part of our live music scene back in the day. Even saw him play with a live band once with a lineup that included legends like Earl Harvin and Dave Palmer. And 30 years later,Truth is still Out of Style...

@glenneegee sometimes it feels like the last thirty years have been entirely stagnant, he says across the interconnected network of his 1990 dreams.

@djsundog lol... Minus the appearance of social media, having children and getting more gray hair, i couldn't agree more... πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

@glenneegee @djsundog I saw 900 in MO right after β€œThe City Sleeps” got big!


Oh man...I love Gene loves Jezebel...they were so bad, but so good to see play live...LOL

This is such an awesome playlist!



Not that my suggestion would at all improve this wonderfully curated show you've got rolling here, but...

I'd sure dig hearing 'To Defy the Laws of Tradition' from Primus's 'Frizzle Fry' album. 🀘


i know i could cue this up on any streaming service...or from my own collection....but this is WAAAAAAAYYYYY more FUN!! 😜 🀘 😎


Oh man,,,this takes me back, Saw FNM in a bar that was not a performance venue (i don't think they knew that before they got there and had to set up in the space between the pool table and the bar. Easily one of the loudest nights of my life...this was back in the Mosley days...



6+ minutes of weirdness and sonic bliss.....

Anybody remember KLF? How about PWEI? (Pop Will Eat Itself)? 2 that came to mind for 1990.

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