apple, batterygate 

so Apple has "agreed" to pay a $113 million dollar fine for slowing down older iPhones on purpose.

I'd agree to that too if I were also sitting on $190 billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents the way Apple is.


re: apple, batterygate 

@djsundog tbh i hate the way this is framed. batterygate is bullshit, they didn't "slow down" phones as much as they "prevented phones from spontaneously powering off from the CPU drawing more power than the battery can provide"

re: apple, batterygate 

@djsundog Think of it this way: what is worse:

1. No CPU throttling, so you try to call 911 and your phone dies, now you die.

2. CPU throttling, so you can still make a 911 call, and you live.

They did the right thing to keep the device functional, but they should have been WAY more transparent about the battery life and this mode being activated.

re: apple, batterygate 

@djsundog I think $112 million dollars goes to the lawyers.

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