New rule:

Anyone caught using the phrase construction "save up to x% or more" is immediately banned from any form of broadly distributed media until they have a grasp of number lines.


@yuki increasingly convinced that Randall might just be me with a time machine and access to cellular regeneration technology along with a newly found propensity for fucking with my former selves

@yuki @djsundog this is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the one electron universe theory

@djsundog around x, ish, we won't tell you if this is the mode or the median or the average or the original intent

(imagine if someone actually started a class action lawsuit alleging that the actual savings across all instances were never capable of being calculated as anything close to x or higher)

@djsundog save up to five minutes or more by not using up five minutes or more


@djsundog Seriously.

"Well, which is it? Up to, or more? PICK ONE."

@djsundog That reminds me of those late-night infomercials were they hawk products that's "absolutely free for only $19.95."

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