Good morning.

Had my first not-a-test-call phone call on my this morning. Nice chat for 20 minutes or so. Caller on the other end had no negative feedback about call quality.

still gotta figure out getting multitouch working under xorg tho - left click only sucked on Macs (imo) and sucks on xorg on my phone too ;p

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@djsundog what distro are you using? I tried a test call with mine and I could hear the PinePhone's mic fine but only garbled noise came through to the PinePhone's speaker

@nick I'm currently running a recent Mobian image (altho tweaked to run X and LXDE instead of Wayland and Phosh) and was using wired headphones with built-in mic

@djsundog ah the headset is probably the ticket

@nick it definitely eliminates a couple of potential pain points (and this was a work-related call, so extra pain points weren't really something I wanted to deal with in the moment)

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