still have never figured out how random switter accounts decide which of my posts to boost and when and why

@djsundog I report every one and then have a mini dilemma about blocking the whole instance because it keeps happening.

@lawremipsum yeah, it's one of those things that's more complicated than it may seem, for sure. obviously I'm still figuring out my stance as well ;)


I think prominent users are searched for and picked out as well as older cishet men (this is still possible, even with the attempts at privacy safeguards) - TBH I'm more worried for the people doing it as its similar to how those selling drugs/sex online operate on forums and is trivial for cops/feds to detect and surveil

@djsundog same!! one boosted my link to Film Critic Hulk's vivisection of _Prometheus_ the other day, and a couple more seem to like my politics alt but not follow it

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