elevator pitch: a 3d printer but for solder paste application on PCBs

@djsundog @sungo this is just a pick and place box right?

iirc adafruit did a bunch of posts and videos when they finally got one
@kemonine @djsundog I'm remembering a robot that did solder paste on PCBs. The pick and place robot is pretty bad ass though

@djsundog huh, would be cool for small batch project boards. You don't need the 3d, but I suppose a 3d printer frame would give a good start and have adjustable depth - replace the hot end with a solder pump of some sort.

Aligning the PCB for printing would be such a pain :(

@kepstin I'm imagining some computer vision code to get the board positioning offset from whatever 0,0 truly is, but yeah, it'd be totally handy for these tiny ass connector breakout boards I've got a dozen of to solder, for instance

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