anyone have any experience with the Banana Pi BPI-M2 Ultra SBC, good or ill?

@djsundog check armbian for support

only a small number of banana pi units are supported by armbian and that's the only distro that's been kept up over years for a lot of the sbcs on the market

they are also sponsored by a LOT of sbc makers and know their stuff

openwrt's develop and stable trees are also good for getting an idea on how well a board can be adapted as anetwork appliance too (the banana pi router boards have been slowly popping up in openwrt land the last six months or so)
@djsundog Uh....

There's a giant red badge that says "no official support" on that page
@djsundog you probably dont want to be swimming up stream though

if they dont bump the kernel of base firmware integration youre going to be stuf on an unsupported base os before long. nevermind security holes in the kernel not being fixed

@djsundog Banana pi is... odd.

Chinese SBC's are always a bit odd, but the history of the Banana Pi and LeMaker is just... really odd.

Also the prices here for them are just nuts.

Orange Pi, friendlyarm, these seem to be fine; cubieboard also was fine (though there were some serious flaws in the designs.)

Actually I hear "TheC64" actually has an Orange Pi in it, I have to take mine apart to check.

So: No, haven't, mainly because so difficult to get one in comparison to others.

(Haven't seen anything about the roseapple pi lately, tho... so maybe that has become king of the "hard to find" chinese SBC boards...)

@mjd @djsundog i have 2 i have been trying to.sell. nobody wants em

@bamfic @djsundog

Heh. Hmm.

Ah, this may be why:

Despite its name, the M2 Ultra is incompatible to previous Banana Pi boards (Banana Pi/M1/M1+/Pro/M2/M2+/M3/M64), due to a different SoC - requiring different boot loaders and drivers. It's another attempt to cash in on the Banana Pi's popularity with a SBC only sharing brand, name, form factor and GPIO header.

Doesn't look horrible. But does look like a typical Chinese SBC from the period immediately following the Raspberry Pi success; i.e. make a board that imitates it and don't follow any rules and hope no one finds out, also "yes here is your documentation localhost/ " use baidu to translate kthxbye

because it's NOT compatible with the M2+, you can't run OpenBSD on it, either. So... yeah, get a kernel and userland running on it, remove it from the internet, and have it do something neat. And don't think about it much more than that.

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