@djsundog TXCO? nice! Mine are all quite a bit older and tend to drift as they warm up from use. I guess really it's sort of the same thing, just with a plastic case and the heat is generated by the brains of it....

@djsundog Although.... does it really have a crystal oscillator in there?

For someone who was a radio tech, I have zero knowledge of how SDRs are constructed.

Seems like it ought to, for reference, but at the same time it feels counter-intuitive.

@djsundog I knew that's what TXCO stood for, my brain just wants to simultaneously insist that an SDR does and does not need a crystal oscillator.

Which is silly, of course it needs an oscillator.

@djsundog ah, very nice. Welcome to the sneaky snooper club :)

@banjofox @djsundog openwebrx.de/ would be a fun start.

My biggest thing is that I got the kit with the simple dipole antenna setup so that's really my chokepoint. My budget is the other one, since I've had dreams of combining step motors and rpi0 to do things like antenna alignment/rotation shit and... well, this could so quickly get out of hand that I have to hold myself in.

@djsundog That's the one office... that's the one that hurt my budget.

@djsundog super affordable in the US, absurd shipping fees to get one into canada

@Mainebot I will send you a box full of them if you will send me universal healthcare sufficient for approximately 300 million of my neighbors

@djsundog ok but I'm also going to have to go ahead and ask you to get rid of all those extra guns laying around first.

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