DHL: leaves package on our porch

also DHL: marks package as "signed for by Sundog" on their tracking

It's a heckin good thing I actually received it and don't feel like causin' a ruckus for the shipper

@djsundog Only vaguely related:

I am reminded of the time I lived in a second floor apartment and UPS marked one of my packages as delivered. Except that it wasn't at my door. Wasn't at the office.

"Left at back door"

I didn't have a back door. Wait. I had a patio. *drag the couch away from the door* Sure enough, there's my box. Driver chucked it over the railing.

@djsundog also DHL: Already add a label "filed for central post station", while the new, quite polite guy checks in a second time (possibly a russian oi skin, from the looks xD).

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