@djsundog In other words: Wire it up with an ESP8266 and let the whole world switch your sources! :-) #IoT \o/

@djsundog Doesn't HDMI have some of i2c requirement for certain controls and the like?

IIRC I ran into that when investigating the HDMI dimming stuff for the rpi4

@kemonine yeah, but that doesn't mean the board manufacturers have to be nice enough to break it out separately for us weirdos ;)

@djsundog They'd be fools for the testing and debug teams if they didnt 😉

@kemonine eh, that's what test harnesses are for - it's a $20 hdmi switch, not enterprise grade hardware really ;)

@djsundog given how clean that board layout looks....

i'm betting it's a re-binned enterprise switch
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