To build, see ./INSTALL


To build using makefiles, see tools/INSTALL followed by src/INSTALL
To build using cmake, see cmake/INSTALL

c'mon, y'all, I wanted to build software, not read a CYOA novel

If you want to include SDL2 support, turn to page 43.
If you want to stick with the framebuffer, turn to page 77.
If you don't think you're ready to deal with the graphics subsystem, return to page 15 and choose again.

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@djsundog You are in a maze of twisty Makefiles, all alike.

@djsundog That's why all my code still uses build scripts. I sort of understand make, been using it for 30+ years, can't ever be arsed to deal with it.

@djsundog if no only there was a tool to, you know, „Make“ software.

@djsundog I hate it when the project's building documentation is like that. The install information should be in the "INSTALL" file.

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