Just added basic display lock and unlock functionality (toggled via the select button in the five-way switch during playback/pause) to the .

Maybe I'll add in a display timeout next.


after that, I really need to start getting the queue management/browsing interface working, which will probably involve shuffling some stuff around so my main script isn't the input handler anymore lol

@djsundog I want to imagine there's like a standard library for all these basic controls and responses that developers can just pick from and bs into a project.

@Mainebot well, kinda, but there's this thing about standards and their perceived adequacy over time, so it's more like there are a few hundred standard libraries from which to choose, each of which has something that will bug you to no end.

@djsundog because that's how you wind up with the juicero

@Mainebot don't think you've seen the last iteration of juicero for your lifetime either, pal ;)


Why, is someone reinventing water?

..I had to quickly google that

@Mainebot it's the only way to bring about ice-nine, as was foretold by the prophet Bokonon


I'll be honest I think about ice-nine way more than I should

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